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Brown Hill Cemetery



Brown Hill Cemetery (a.k.a. Oak Ridge Cemetery) is located about one mile east and one-half mile north of the small town of Papineau, Illinois, in Iroquois County.  The name of the cemetery comes from Guilford D. Brown, who dedicated the land for the cemetery.  Several members of the Brown family are buried here.

The cemetery is on private property and is surrounded by trees.  It can be difficult to locate without specific directions.

So to save you the trouble of trekking out to the Brown Hill Cemetery, Proof-Genealogy.com is proud to present you with the opportunity to visit its graves virtually.

Research began by using the list of graves that was compiled in 1981.  Since that time, a few of the stones have disappeared.  The list below includes every person known to be buried in Brown Hill Cemetery.





  BROWN, Benson


Son of Guilford D.

  BROWN, James ?-?

Son of Guilford D.

  BROWN, Jane E. 1838-1878

Spouse: Guilford D.

  CLARK, Bradford W. 1822-?

Spouse:  Rosannah

  CLARK, Mary 1864-1865

Daughter of Bradford

  CLARK, Rosannah 1822-1871 Spouse: Bradford  
  CLARK, Thomas


Son of Bradford

  CLARKE, Sallie


Spouse:  William

  EMERY, Rev. Thomas


  GRIFFIN, Harriet W.


Spouse:  William H.

  GRIFFIN,  Dr. Johnathan


  GRIFFIN, Sanford


  GRIFFIN, William Henry


Co. H, 78th IL Inf

  HAMILTON, infant


  HILL, Ellen


Spouse:  Horace

  KINNEY, Bernice A. 1872-1874 Daughter of O. and E.J.  
  KINNEY, Charles A. 1858-1872 Son of O. and E.J.  
  KINNEY, infant ?-? Daughter of A.M. and S.  
  KINNEY, Samantha 1851-1880 Spouse:  A.M.  
  McKEE, Ann Mariah


Spouse:  George M.

  McQUEEN, George 1822-1886 Son of James  
  McQUEEN, James 1826-1875 Spouse:  Mahala  
  McQUEEN, Rosa C. 1870-1870 Daughter of James  
  McSORLEY, James 1814-1876 Spouse:  Fanny  
  McSORLEY, James 1849-1883 Son of James and Fanny  
  McSORLEY, James 1872-1898 Son of James and Clara  
  McSORLEY, Roy F. 1874-1885 Son of James and Clara  
  OTIS, Albert 1856-1856 Son of A. and L.  
  OTIS, Ellen Jane 1852-1852 Daughter of P.J.  
  OTIS, Lucinda 1834-1856

Spouse:  Abraham

  OXFORD, John S. 1815-1876    

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