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Latest Updates

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  1. New information for Eron Micheal Condon


  1. New information for Robert Goodfellow
  2. New page:  Estella Goodfellow
  3. New page:  Clara Goodfellow
  4. New page:  Daniel Lloyd Goodfellow
  5. New page:  Ida Jane Goodfellow
  6. New page:  Mary Elizabeth Goodfellow


  1. New photos for Kenneth Eimen
  2. New information for William Morrical
  3. New page:  Herbert Morrical
  4. New page:  Robert L. Morrical


  1. New information for Sarah Bullen
  2. New information for Elizabeth Dobbie
  3. New information for Estella Morrical
  4. New information for Almaretta Carpenter Morrical
  5. New information for Daniel Morrical
  6. New information for William David


  1. New information for Edward Adams, Nathan Adams, Mary Painter


  1. New information for Washington Morrical and Mary Fortner
  2. New information for William A. Morrical
  3. New information for Jesse Morrical
  4. New information for Isaac Morrical
  5. New information for Finley S. Morrical
  6. New page:  Mary Ellen Morrical
  7. New page:  Robert L. Malone


  1. New photos for Solomon (son of Jacob) Morrical
  2. New photos for Solomon (son of John) Morrical
  3. New photos for Andrew Morrical
  4. New page:  Susie Morrical
  5. New photo for Floyd Morrical
  6. New page:  Clarkson Adams
  7. New page:  Charles J. Morrical


  1. New photos and information for Margaret Morrical Harter
  2. New photos and information for Nancy Morrical Winders
  3. New photos and information for Alamanda Morrical Schlechty


  1. New page:  Paul Poelaert


  1. New information and photos for Elijah Benjamin
  2. New information and photos for Darius C. Benjamin
  3. New page:  Thomas Benjamin
  4. New page:  Wesley Benjamin
  5. New page:  Harvey Benjamin
  6. New page:  Dora Benjamin
  7. New page:  Alfred Benjamin
  8. New page:  John Benjamin
  9. New page:  Pearl Benjamin
  10. New page:  Ella Benjamin
  11. New page:  Frank Benjamin
  12. New page:  Mary Jane Benjamin
  13. New page:  August Benjamin


  1. New page:  Warren Odle
  2. New page:  Samuel Odle


  1. New page:  Alamanda Morrical


  1. New page:  Margaret Morrical


  1. New page:  Washington Morrical
  2. New page:  William Morrical
  3. New page:  Jesse Morrical
  4. New page:  Isaac Morrical
  5. New page:  Finley S. Morrical


  1. New page:  Felix Benjamin


  1. New page:  Malinda Morrical
  2. New page:  Matilda Bryant
  3. New page:  Margaret Bryant
  4. New page:  Sarah Ann Bryant


  1. New page:  Reynolds Powley
  2. New page:  Verne Powley
  3. New information about Hannah Benjamin


  1. New feature: Beaver Creek Cemetery
    There are more new pages than what can be mentioned here.  Click on the link to learn more about every person known to be buried in Iroquois County's Beaver Creek Cemetery.


  1. New page:  Johann Jacob Powley
  2. New page:  James Powley
  3. New page:  John B. Powley
  4. New page:  Matthew Powley
  5. New page:  Joseph Coke Powley
  6. New page:  Benjamin N. Powley
  7. New page:  Hiram L. Powley


  1. New page:  Hyatt S. David
  2. New page:  Ezra David
  3. New page:  Sarah A. David
  4. New page:  William David, Jr.


  1. New page:  Jemima Mabee


  1. New page:  Zachariah David
  2. New page:  Rebecca Powley
  3. New page:  Ezra H. David
  4. New page:  Prudence E. Foster


  1. New page:  Paradine Morrical
  2. New page:  Mahlon Morrical
  3. New page:  Adaline Morrical
  4. New page:  Floyd Morrical
  5. New page:  Levi Morrical


  1. New page:  Ethyl Marston
  2. New page:  Floyd Marston
  3. New page:  Pauline Marston


  1. New page:  Laura Burrill
  2. New page:  Arthur Stutz
  3. New page:  Shirley Stutz
  4. New page:  Edna Stutz
  5. Added gravestone photo for Henry Hummel
  6. Added gravestone photo for Annie Morrical Hummel
  7. Added gravestone photo for Leslie and Ina Hummel
  8. Added gravestone photo for Glen and Mabel Sargeant
  9. Added gravestone photo for Raymond Hummel
  10. Added gravestone photo for Frank and Anna Hummel
  11. Added gravestone photos for Leroy and Pearl Hummel


  1. New page:  Ella Morrical
  2. New page:  Delroy Morrical
  3. New page:  George Morrical
  4. New page:  Bessie Morrical
  5. New page:  Albert Morrical


  1. New page:  Keron Morrical
  2. New page:  Estella Morrical
  3. New page:  Harrison D. Morrical
  4. New page:  Mary Morrical
  5. New page:  Melvin Morrical, son of Elmer
  6. New page:  Elmer Morrical Jr.
  7. Obituary for Hanna Schumaker Morrical added to the page for Frank O. Morrical
  8. New page:  Hazel Morrical
  9. New page:  Frank W. Morrical
  10. New page:  Wilbert A. Morrical
  11. New page:  Edgar Morrical
  12. New page:  John D. Brown, son of Charles
  13. Gravestone photos added for Joseph and Minnie Copke Devaney
  14. Gravestone photos added for Lewis Morrical
  15. New page: Mary Mabel Brown
  16. Gravestone photo added for Ethel Miller Nordmeyer
  17. New page:  Raymond Brown
  18. New page:  Viola Morrical
  19. New page:  Clarence Morrical
  20. New page:  Helen Morrical
  21. New page:  Walter Brown
  22. New page:  Unnamed infant Morrical
  23. New page:  Ray Morrical


  1. New page:  Melvin Morrical
  2. New page:  Richard Morrical
  3. New page:  Ronald Morrical
  4. Obituary for Anna Clausen Morrical added to the page for William Morrical
  5. Photos and new information added for Eliza Cox Morrical
  6. Photos and new information added for Elizabeth Cox Morrical
  7. New page:  Andrew Morrical
  8. New page:  Daniel Morrical
  9. New page:  Acle Morrical
  10. New page:  Alva Morrical
  11. New page:  John Morrical (Son of Andrew)
  12. New page:  I. C. Morrical


  1. Gravestone photo added for Elizabeth Hodyshel Morrical, wife of Harrison Morrical
  2. Gravestone photos added for Ernest Copke
  3. Gravestone photo added for George Sippel
  4. New page:  Oscar Morrical
  5. New page:  Elmer Morrical
  6. New page:  William Morrical
  7. New page:  Tolfy Morrical
  8. New page:  Leslie Morrical


  1. Gravestone photos added for Frank O. Morrical


  1. Obituary added for William Miller
  2. Obituary and gravestone photo added for Dollie Stevenson Friedewold
  3. Obituary added for Leroy Benjamin
  4. Obituary (of sorts) added for Sidney Benjamin
  5. Obituary added for Jimmie Burling
  6. Obituary added for Ernest Copke
  7. Obituaries and gravestone photo added for Edgar Sippel and his wife Helen Sippel
  8. Obituary added for Lillian Sippel
  9. Gravestone photo added for Ida May Miller
  10. Gravestone photo added for Abby Cox Morrical
  11. Gravestone photo added for Adam Morrical
  12. Gravestone photos added for Pheby Morrical Miller
  13. Gravestone photo added for Alice Eimen Zachgo Eden
  14. Gravestone photos added for Charles Copke and Sophia Wagner
  15. New page:  Charles Leroy Brown
  16. New page:  Myrtle Templin
  17. New page:  Herschel Heimberger
  18. New page:  Richard Stevenson
  19. New page:  Donald Nordmeyer


  1. Obituary added for Leo Morrical


  1. Obituaries added for Roy Morrical and his wife Lillie Lindquist Morrical


  1. New page:  Family scrapbook for Clark and Sarah Morrical
  2. New page:  Estella Tripke
  3. Obituary added for Almina "Minnie" Copke
  4. New page:  Edgar Sippel
  5. New page:  Lillian Sippel
  6. New page:  George Sippel

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