1870 letter from John Bullen to John Burling

Below:  The envelope in which the letter was sent.

Above:  The greeting of the letter from John Bullen to his son.
Below:  The closing of the letter, showing John Bullen's signature.

Date:  The letter was written on January 18, 1870

From: To:

At the time of the letter, John Bullen was about 75 years old and living in Needingworth, Huntingdonshire, England.  The letter was written to his son, John Burling, who was 34 years old and living in Otto Township, Kankakee County, Illinois.
18 January 1870

My Dear Son --

With much pleasure I received your letter this morning.  Am happy to hear from you and all of you.  Sorry to hear you have lost your wife--freely pardon your neglect, hope it will not occur again.1

Am as well as can be expected considering my years.

Your brother James' widow and family quite well when I heard from them a short time since.2  Had a letter from Samuel short time since which I enclose in this.3  I likewise write to him...Hope these few lines will find you and all that belong to us in the enjoyment of good health, to whom please give my kind love and tell them, I think they have quite forgotten me.4

I must conclude, with love.  I hope to hear from you again when convenient.

I remain
Your affectionate Father
John Bullen




John's first wife, Lucinda Tennis, had died a few months earlier on July 1, 1869.  


The names of James Bullen's wife and children are not known.  


Samuel Bullen is John Burling's brother.  Samuel emigrated to Australia.  Click here to read the letter from Samuel Bullen that was enclosed in the letter from John.  


John Bullen may be referring to his other children who moved to America, Joseph Burling, Sarah Bullen Stimpson, or Robert Burling.  


The letter serves as proof that John Bullen was still alive and living in Needingworth in 1870; it also helps verify that the family named changed from Bullen to Burling for those family members that moved to America.  

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