August 15, 1906 letter from John M. Burling to John Burling


Date:  The letter was written on August 15, 1906

From: To:
John M.

At the time of the letter, John M. Burling was 43 years old and living in Langdon, Kansas.  The letter was written to his uncle, John Burling, who was 70 years old and living in Otto Township, Kankakee County, Illinois.  The letter was written to tell John Burling the details regarding the death of his brother, Robert Burling.

Langdon, Kans,
Aug. 15, 1906

Dear Uncle John,

I received your letter today.  You will find a clipping from the paper of fatherís death.  You asked me to describe the nature of the disease that caused his death.  The doctor said it was paralytic stroke.  He only ate four bites of grub in 20 days.  The doctors claim that father had seven of the strokes, and he was in constant pain from April.

The last three weeks he lived, some of the children was there all the time.  It [kept] us busy all the time, turning him to have him lay easy.  He suffered every thing.

I live 11 miles from Arlington, and they had the time set when I got there, and none had wired.1  So that [was] the reason that I asked for answer back, so if anyone could come, I could hold over till they could get here. 

He passed away 2 oíclock Tuesday morning.  I sent you the message as soon as I reached town.  I hope you donít have to suffer what Father did, and I hope you feel better by the time this reaches you.  My family is as well as could be expected.

Hoping to hear from you again.

I will close
Yours truly

J.M. Burling




This probably refers to the time set for the funeral services.  

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