March 1, 1906 letter from John M. Burling to John Burling




Date:  The letter was written on March 1, 1906

From: To:
John M.

At the time of the letter, John M. Burling was 43 years old and living in Langdon, Kansas.  The letter was written to his uncle, John Burling, who was 70 years old and living in Otto Township, Kankakee County, Illinois.  The letter was written to tell John Burling that his brother, Robert Burling, was terminally ill.

Langdon, Kans
March 1, 1906

Mr. John Burling

I was up to fatherís and he has give up all hope of getting out again, and he wanted us to write to you.1  He has been almost confined to the house almost all the time for six months.  He wanted to hear from you if possible.  Mother is not very well, she has been sick.2  We [are] all well as could be expected, and hope you are all the same.

Yours truly,
J.M. Burling

Fatherís address is
R. Burling
Arlington, Kans.

And mine is
J.M. Burling
R.F.D. No. 1
Langdon, Kans.




John M. Burling's father was Robert Burling; Robert was John Burling's brother.  


John M. Burling's mother was Catharine Tennis Burling.  

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